Like a knife caressing innocent flesh until beads of blood form,
so does your infernal indifference draws droplets of my soul.
Swimming in self doubt and self recrimination,
you left nothing for me to hold on to not even a sliver of hope.
I have given you the me I value the most,
even my secret dreams wrapped in layers of silk,
and yet it seems they’re not enough to hold you close
because you left me to wander on my own.

Like the wailing storm that comes to devastate the world,
so does your incessant silence break the fragile shelter I call home.
Ripped apart without a care, how easily these walls come crashing down,
disillusionment has left me on my knees cradling what’s left of my domain,
tears start to come and flow so strong, clouding the windows of my soul,
the pain comes unbound as my carefully built fortress starts to decay,
everything is gone, carried away by the raging torrent of tears that fall,
from eyes that once perceived the beauty that was your face.

-The Elusive Scribe 101613-


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