By the Shadows


By the shadows I shall wait,
for a scent or sight of you,
that will conjure forbidden images
reflected back in these dark pools
I call my eyes.

I shall wait unmoving, not breathing,
lest I scare you with the slightest movement.
Leaving me with nothing,
not even a hair strand of you.
Fingers clutching nothing but thin air.

I will hide in the shadows as I wait,
weaving dreams made from gossamer strings,
to ensnare both your mind and body,
so I can take you back home with me.

I can be patient, I can be still,
I can wait for eternity if fate allows it to be.
But I know it won’t be long now,
before your feet lead you back to me.

And as your gentle feet take you into the shadows
so shall I be there to welcome you back.
With strings hung from every corner of the walls,
glittering in the night, waiting to embrace you all.

I shall wait in the darkness, waiting for you to stop.
You will enter my home and lie on your deathbed
and I will dine like a queen, slowly savoring my meal,
for your tasty flesh shall be the best feast
my mouth will slowly savor tonight.

-The Elusive Scribe 081213-


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