Caged Bird


Locked behind steel bars that surround me,
cold and uncaring, holding me within.

Wings clipped so I can’t fly free, all that I do is sing in my misery.
I can taste the sweetness of the air, every time they put me by the window.
Watching tree tops sway and dance with the breeze,
ruffling my feathers that’s all I’ll ever feel.
The smell of damp earth filling my senses,
as raindrops start to fall from storm clouds they call home.
Yet not a single drop do I get to taste,
as I sit inside my lonely cage.
How wonderful it would be to dance in the rain,
but I am not my own master, for I am locked away.
All that I could ever do is gaze forlornly by the window,
dreaming of flying free along with the butterflies and bees.
Hoping one day I’ll taste the sweetness called life,
beyond these steel bars which I am imprisoned in,
singing songs of beauty, life and love,
instead of humming tunes that breaks this lonely heart.

-The Elusive Scribe 072613-


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