You were gone before your time, your dreams never
Such a sad ending to a happy life, until now it still
makes me cry.
Things could have been different if you were here,
you would have been married with kids on each knee.
Or we could have been playing during the weekends,
me as Rei and you as Kei and we’ll battle with ghosts
Or we could have been watching movies, The Hobbits,
Expendables or even Resident Evil.
Knowing you, however, we’ll probably be watching
Despicable Me or another animated movie.
I wouldn’t mind because it means you’re here with
But fate is a cruel mistress and she has taken you so
Each passing day is hard, even harder for mom and
But don’t you worry dear brother, we’re coping still.
Your absence is always felt, there’s no doubt about it.
But we’ll always remember the happy times, and your
one-in-a-million smile,
and let it comfort us as even through dark times.
And although another year has passed that you’re not
here with us,
I’ll still be wishing you a happy birthday, dear brother,
for you will always be with me.

-The Elusive Scribe 071613-


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