I Am Done


carry me high, carry me wind,
carry me away to be at peace.
my soul is hurting, my sorrow’s returning,
all that i ever wanted, was a chance to be free.

and yet here i am lost at sea, where waters churn,
as storm clouds appear.
rocking my mind, blinding my eyes,
as lightning strikes the heart inside of me.

burning through, burning clear,
the lies you wrapped me up with.
the hopes you instill are but dust in the wind,
now i’m changing, caring is no longer part of my

there is no happiness in your arms,
you only see me when you’re in need.
the silence between us comes and goes,
all i’m asking is for you to love me too.

here i am, see me true, see me dear.
for i might not be here the next time, you see.
someone will love me, someone will care,
and your tears will fall knowing you forgot
to give those things to me.

you’ll see me smile, you’ll see me laugh,
you’ll wonder why you didn’t see me like that.
you’ll remember the times you left me behind,
and the false hopes you’ve planted
in this heart of mine.

only now you’re reaping what you have sown,
with bitter tears falling down from the skies.
you were given a chance to discover love,
now it’s gone, too late, i am done.

-The Elusive Scribe  071413-

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