Real Me


Sometimes I wonder whether you want to know
the real me I’ve hidden deep down below.
The one I know who has thousands of insecurities.
Are you ready to plumb my deepest secrets and
unravel my mysteries?

She’s my one true self I’ve squirreled away,
while holding back the pain of disappointments at
For her innocence is the sweetest nectar there is,
when she’s gone and disappeared I know I will surely

She’s the light I hold within to battle the darkest of
with her courage and strength that she exudes with
No one has seen how terrifying she can be
when I’ve lost everything, she’ll come and protect me.

Will you dare to find the one I hold dear,
the one I’ve covered in so many layers out of fear?
Would you dance through the fire and swim in her
or will you melt and disappear when surrounded by
her presence?

-The Elusive Scribe 062813-


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