A Toast to the Night


a toast to the night that came to claim
the winged sorrows perched on shoulders
stooped with the burden of its sins of yesterday.
the night that came to release sorrow’s taloned grip
on this soul that knows nothing of tomorrow
until it found the light within you.
here’s to the night and it’s promise of
a better day, with a cup brimming with hope
for this heart that longs for happiness
it already found in your arms that she chose
to be her refuge against the world.
hail to the night as it deepens first
before growing paler by the minute, as you,
her sun, comes ever so slowly closer to her,
her heart, her love.
awaken the smile she reserves only for you,
as the night retreats back with her sorrows
in the palms of its hands.
awaken her with a kiss from your lips
that she craves the most and see her unfold
like a flower in full bloom.
and when you see the beauty of you reflected
in her eyes in love with the sight of you,
give a toast to the night that took away the brooding
shadows of her sorrows that roosted on her shoulders
and then gave back to her her life she chose
to live with you.

-The Elusive Scribe 061013-

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