Find Your Star


Find your star in this world engulfed in the shadows of
the night.
That star that twinkles and shines just for you.
That will guide you as you walk this road alone.
That will be the one constant light when darkness
overwhelms you.

Find your star and let its light shine on you from its
lofty perch.
That star that you can look up to when you feel you
can’t go on anymore.
That will not leave you when the darkest part of the
night approaches.
That will keep on shining when everything starts to
fade just so you won’t feel alone.

Find your star that will listen to your whispered
That star that will not judge you and your sins of the
That will infuse you with strength to carry on even
when all hope seems lost.
That will give you courage when you feel like

-The Elusive Scribe 060413-


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