Silent Vandalism


Words, they all float in my mind.
Floating endlessly until I grab
and piece them together to form
a thought, incoherent as it may be.

I paste it on the walls of my mnd,
letting it ripple in the wind.
I search for more words
as I peruse my thought bubbles.

Picking carefully, treading lightly,
on the abyss-like flooring of consciousness,
where I float too as I lay dreaming.

Word by word I fling them
towards my daydreaming mind, vandalizing,
it’s white stained walls until they are covered
with letters strung together
haphazardly as they may seem.

But in the midst of chaos,
of jumbled words and fragile thoughts,
you’ll find a pattern obscured,
by more words crisscrossing
the now peppered walls.
Jewels in the back of a daydreaming mind,
filled to the brim with silent vandalism.

-The Elusive Scribe 030813-


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