She Was


She was the woman I was once,
hiding behind several masks.
Afraid to let people in,
fearing they might not like
what their eyes could see.

She was the other side of me,
the darkness that clings to my light.
Can’t stand to be abandoned,
yet kept on receding back to the shadows.

She was the voice inside my head,
whispering incessantly in my every waking day.
The halls of my imagination she claims for her own,
where she creates monsters even from dust motes.

She was me in every sense of the word,
and now we are one for I’ve mastered my fear.
She and I are whole once more,
ready to face tomorrow stronger than before.


-The Elusive Scribe 042713-


2 thoughts on “She Was

  1. this is so clearly written…and so true…I see myself in this…Thank you for your poet’s heart! I will shortly post the TEAM MEMBER AWARD and I am nominating YOU…look for it within 20 minutes! Thank YOU for your inspiring words and your courageous heart to put your feelings into words and share them with us all!

    • Oh wow! Thank you very much for nominating me. I am honored. 🙂 I am beyond happy that my poems have touched hearts along the way. I am inspired to do better. Gratitude to you ma’am.

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