Since April is here it’s start of NaPoWriMo! Everyday for the whole month I will be posting a poem here (well, I actually started posting daily since I started this. :D). Anyway, here’s my poem for the day. Enjoy and I hope you have the time to give some feedback. I’d greatly appreciate it!


You’re like a hard liquor
that burns my throat.
With every sip I take
my body warms up to you.
Your taste is like
a thousand summer suns,
that rips through my senses
intoxicating me.

You’re my alcohol,
my addiction every night.
A fine flavored liquor
placed in a bottle
with such delicate delight.

I long for the night
when I can have
a kiss from your lips,
and drink your essence
to warm my body.

I want you to blind my senses
until I stumble to bed,
and dream of your searing kisses,
till the morning comes.

– The Elusive Scribe 040113-



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