A collaboration of some sorts with a close friend of mine. Hope you like it. 🙂

Is there a place where we could blur the lines?
Disconnect and reconnect the things that break us?
Half truths brought to light to form new bonds.
Twisted paths erased and made anew.

An image manufactured in a weightless room
like questions caught up in a telephone wire
like shadows decorating the corridors of our past
i’m lost
and yet i’m falling slowly.

To that blissfull darkness that beckons
enveloped in silence carrying me onwards.
To the farthest corners where I may find
a reprieve for my wandering soul.

A place where silence echoes beyond all reasons
where seconds divide themselves half-heartedly.
A place where a place is not really a place,
forever and ever,
and ever and ever.

-GMU/The Elusive Scribe 013013-


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