Of Tall Tales and Giants

Here’s something that I made last year. It literally just popped in my head. šŸ˜€

You told me there was a giant in the yard
I looked but I did not see
You laughed out loud and told me to look long and
I did but wondered why your eyes were full of glee.

You mischievous child I say
there is no giant and never will be
they are long gone and won’t even stay
to which you laughed and wondered how could that

You said the giant was wearing a coat of green
with hands like branches hidden with leaves
I scoffed and said that that is our evergreen
rising high beyond our roof’s eaves.

You sighed and said the giant is here and waiting
for what i asked and you said, for you to see him
For some reason I trembled but went on with my
until you fell asleep and mumbled, “you’ll see him.”

– The Elusive Scribe 121012 –


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